Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to fill the gaps of missing teeth. They are basically a crown or several crowns that replace one or many missing teeth. Gaps need to be addressed because the teeth that are on each side of the gap tend to move into the gap. This will cause a bad bite. Having a bridge added not only helps you with eating but appearance as well.

Dental bridges use the teeth on both sides of the gap to create the bridge. The natural teeth become anchors for the crowns that need to be inserted. Dr. Visger will match the crowns to the color of your natural teeth. Impressions will be taken of your teeth and a bit of your existing teeth will be removed so that they are proper anchors for the bridge. The bridge is then affixed to the neighboring teeth similar to an orthodontic retainer. Metal supports fit around the teeth on each side in order to hold the bridge. Because of modern methods of dental imaging and creating prosthetic teeth, you should be able to eat all the foods you love! If the bridge is fitted properly, it will not slip or slide.

Call Trail Ridge Dental in Longmont or Johnstown, CO if you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth so we can determine if a bridge would be the best treatment for you!